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Paul Hallett


During university I spent many of my summers in my sleepy little home town of Torbay, Devon. Like all quiet towns there is very little for a university student to do. So like any person nostalgic with the past (as I always am) I started rummaging through the various boxes of things my family had collected over the years.

One of the things I discovered was an old Zenit 12XP that my Mum’s Father had owned. Like many Russian made things, this camera was designed to survive the apocalypse and it didn’t need batteries, nor did it appear to be broken. The movement all still worked and it gave a satisfying “clunk” when the shutter depressed that lightly shook your hand with feedback. I also found some old film that was at least three years past expiry.


I had heard about this practice called Lomography: embracing analogue photography and the imperfections usually fixed by modern cameras. Lomographs follow a set of golden rules to help capture the nostalgia and deliberate roughness of their photographs. It seemed like a perfect thing for someone as bad as photography like myself to get “good” at and I had a lot of time to spare that summer.


I ended up taking a bunch of photos with the expired film and came out with some amazing shots. Most of these were taken in my home town during those hot summer holidays and I believe the photos capture the feeling I had of the time. I have only just recently found the shots and I wanted to share them here.

zenit-two zenit-three

At some point I also purchased a supersampler that takes 4 shots at half second intervals. They come out on a single exposure and look really cool:

super-one super-two

Finding these images reminded me of the excitement I used to get taking photos and waiting to see how they would appear. It enthused me so much that I recently decided to purchase a new polaroid camera, the Lomo`Instant. I’m going to start taking photos again and try and embrace their imperfection. Though I’ve found that the Lomo’Instant film is quite tricky to get right. I’m sure I’ll figure it out after a few shots.

instant-one instant-two

If you’re tired of the same-old instagram filters and want to try something nostalgic and real, then grab a disposable camera or one of Lomography’s great selection. It’s quite a treat.