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Paul Hallett


Despite the struggle and depression towards the end of the year, this has been the best year of my life.

I spent time teaching school children how to program after successfully raising funds to buy Raspberry Pi computers and partnering with my University.

Raspberry Pi

I helped to form and run a Nerf Gun society at University.


I graduated from University with a second class honours degree in Computer Science after spending four years working my arse off.

I travelled to Dublin Ireland, Paris en Français and Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

I started to learn French again, I haven’t practiced it since I was 16.

I spent three months in the USA visiting Yellowstone National Park, Las Vegas and a huge part of the midwest. This was a defining and eye opening experience for me.


I randomly met with a friend from Sponsorcraft whilst in London and was offered a job over breakfast in Covenant Garden.

I moved to London.

I also finally admitted to myself and my family that I suffered from severe depression. I began taking medication to deal with it.

I helped to organise and talk at the Django User Group for London.


I met some of the most amazing people at parties, gatherings and meetings whilst in London. Time spent in Wayra UK has been especially important towards building new relationships.

I built an API for Pokémon that got way more attention than I originally anticipated.

The next year

2013 was huge for me, I can only hope that 2014 is even better. This next year I want to:

  • Travel to more places in the world and visit America again.
  • Attend and speak at more conferences around the world.
  • Really try to make an important contribution to the Python, Django and developer community.
  • Form as many new friendships as I can.
  • Improve my dress sense and my personal confidence.
  • Focus on beating my depression once and for all.
  • Drastically improve my personal and professional development.
  • Make myself happy.

Let’s see how it goes :)