💫 Beckett

Hypermedia API Client Framework


Beckett is a convention-based framework for building Python interfaces around HTTP APIs.

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📖 Features

  • Define your API client in Python instead of a data serialization language.
  • Encourages good HTTP and REST practices without being too strict.
  • Resources are transformed into typed instances - no more raw dictionaries!
  • Automatic URL routing for RESTful interaction to your resources.
  • Hypermedia relationship links are automagically resolved into python methods.
  • Supports hypermedia response formats such as JSONAPI and HAL. [IN DEV]
  • Works out of the box, but each resource is completely configurable.

🏗 Status

Beckett is stable and suitable for projects, but expect occasional updates for bug fixes.

🎥 Credits

This package was created with Cookiecutter.

We use Python Requests for talking HTTP.

Free software: ISC license